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Thank You Gift Ideas for Your Corporate Event Speakers

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Speakers are essentially the drivers of your event. They are at the heart of the function and, for the most part, determine its outcome. Whether the event becomes interesting, has quality networking, provides great experience or has actionable advice will come down to the speakers' contributions and performance.

For speakers to provide a stellar performance, they must prepare thoroughly. They put so much work into the preparations to make your event a success. And it's not only that, but they also support your event post preparation phase. When treated right, speakers talk highly of an event and always refer to the function wherever they go.

As such, you must always appreciate your speakers. The good thing about this is, you can say thank you in many ways without breaking the bank. Just imagine something as small as a handwritten thank you note is all it takes to create a good name for your event and a great relationship with your speakers.

Why not make the moment even more special with creative thank you gifts for your speakers?

Here are our best four thank you gifts for event speakers:

Device Accessories

These devices enhance speakers' productivity. You can gift them with an external battery for their tablet or laptop. Other accessories you might consider are a smartphone stand, Bluetooth travel headphones or slide advancers, depending on what they may like.

Custom Caricature

Nothing will remind your speaker more about an event than the artwork of their presentation. Have a caricaturist sketch the speaker as they perform and hand it over after the event. Be assured they will remember you and the event long after that.

Charity Donation

Some speakers may have some charity projects at heart. Why support their cause after the presentation as a way of appreciating the speaker?

Custom Notebooks

When gifting, you can go old school and provide the speaker with a high-quality leather notebook with their name engraved on it.

These are some of the ideas Impressario Concepts has to offer for you. If you’d like to explore more, our team will be glad to help you select the most memorable gift for your speakers!

For bookings and enquiries, you may email us at: info@impressarioinc.com.

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