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Most Popular Wedding Invitation Trends (Inspiration For Your Big Day!)

The introduction to the big day, the wedding invitation, is no longer just an RSVP in an envelope, but a work of art that can colour the first impression.

Like chosen music playlist, wedding invitations can be as personal or as trendy as the couple likes. Here are some popular wedding invitation trends for inspiration for upcoming big day.

Photo sources: Pinterest

Gold Foil Calligraphy

Invitations and envelopes are embossed in Gold Foil calligraphy or printing, with golden seals on the outer envelopes; offering a simple elegance.

Acrylic Materials

Acrylic materials also provide a classic ‘elegant’ look. Clear or smoky acrylic paper and envelopes, along with formal print in varying colours (rose is a favourite), give a polished appearance.

Plantable Invitations

Two ‘green’ forms of invitations are the ‘sustainable’ memento and parchment announcement. The ‘sustainable’ memento is recyclable, made of plantable seed paper, and is tied with twine rather than sealed. A ‘tie-in’ to this style is ‘minimalism-inspired.’ More couples today are trending towards simpler ideas, and this style offers soft colour palettes, with simple printing or calligraphy and borders.

Vellum Invitations

Parchment, also known as vellum, shows a touch of refinement to a simple design; with metallic ink print, wax envelope seals and borders made of ‘greenery.’ Commonly done in small print, this style focuses on ‘less is more’, with ‘white space in design drawing the eyes to what’s important.’

Monogram Patterns

There are multi-coloured, patterned designs made of different materials, including eco paper and parchment. Tying the invitation with ribbons, sealing the outer envelope with wax, or making a ‘fold-out’ cover adds more personal touch to the special piece. Adding the couple’s monogram, in wavy print at the top of the invitation, provides an even more personal touch to the announcement.

Special Shapes

In addition to the above designs, other finishing touches can add more personal flavour. The invitation itself is no longer limited to the square shape but can be custom-made in other geometric shapes, like circles, triangles and octagons, with matching envelopes.

A Touch of Gold and Shimmers

Metallic ink and glitter print, especially in rose-gold colour, can dress up any style of invitation, from the simple parchment to the refined acrylic. Glitter borders catch the eye; and laser-cut invitations, with glitter highlights, are a sophisticated, trending style

Traditional Wax Seals and Envelopes

Finally, the wax seal on outer envelopes is a unique alternative that can fit any style of invitation, and be time-saving in getting the special announcements delivered. The wedding invitation, now as customized as the wedding it is announcing, shows off the personality of the couple and will be an artistic, forever showpiece of their special day.

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