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How To Select The Perfect Wedding Date

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

One of the very first things you must decide on when planning your nuptials is the wedding date. Choosing a wedding date is a lot more complicated than you may think— after all, you will be celebrating this date for the rest of your life!

Here are our tips for a smooth wedding date selection process.

Give Yourself Time

First, you should figure out your timeline. Do you want to get married within the year, or would you rather have a long engagement? Remember, planning a wedding is a long and often stressful process. So, it’s best to allow yourself ample time to plan and pay for all things wedding.

We recommend choosing a wedding date that is at least 12 months from when you start planning to give yourself enough time to get your to-do list knocked out.

Take Special Dates into Consideration

Are there any dates special to you and your fiancé as a couple? Perhaps you’d like to get married the same day your grandparents did. Or maybe you think New Year’s Eve weddings always seemed fun. First and foremost, consider whether holding your wedding on a holiday would discourage guests from attending. If you plan your wedding on a major holiday like Christmas, people will likely have other family obligations, for example.

Also, avoid a time of year when you or your partner are busy at work to avoid extra stress and not being able to take time off for the wedding and honeymoon.

Be Flexible

If you already know the date that you want to get married, but your venue and many vendors aren’t available that day— you may have to be flexible and reschedule. This is especially true in the wake of COVID-19; as weddings got pushed to this year, it may be harder to find available vendors and venues. Be willing to consider a few other dates near your date choice, and don’t forget to check with your most valuable guests (parents, siblings, best friend) to make sure they won’t have a scheduling conflict on your date of choice.

Ask for Professional Advice

At I Do by Impressario, in order to ensure that your big day goes according to plan, we can help you check through the best dates for both parties and guests. We also understand different religious requirements and traditional customs so we're aware of the little details that go into choosing a wedding day. When you work with I Do by Impressario - your trusted wedding planner - you're in safe hands.

From helping you pop the question for your happily ever after to turning your inexpressible moment into an unforgettable corporate event, we can do it all.

Contact us today and let’s get started planning the wedding of your dreams.

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