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Hire A Wedding Planner—Forget The Stress

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

There's a lot that goes into planning a perfect wedding. The flower arrangements, decor, the details of the reception and ceremony. But if you are the bride, or groom, take a deep breath, it doesn't have to be that way. Simply hiring a professional wedding planner in Singapore can help alleviate a lot of stress, so you can have your perfect day—without any of the hassle.

Freed Up Time

A lot of time and energy goes into planning a wedding, and since most brides and grooms work full time and have adult responsibilities, they won't be able to devote the time needed to get everything perfect. Hiring a wedding planner in Singapore means you can hand off the biggest time-commitments, such as scheduling appointments, calling vendors, etc., to them.

Most of the time, clients that hire I Do by Impressario have very conflicting schedules within their own families, and its hard to make decisions together when everyone is busy with their own lives. We tend to get clients to adhere to deadlines we set in place in order to move things along quicker and easier for everyone. We have dealt with clients who are based overseas, and will only be in the country a few days before their own wedding. In these cases, we even try to facilitate the time difference by gathering their thoughts late at night, then updating the vendors during their working hours.

Budgeting Help

It can be tricky to stick to a budget when planning a wedding. Although hiring a wedding planner may look like an unnecessary expense, we can actually save you a lot of money just from our connections and knowing where to budget your money for the best results.

They Deal With People

When you hire a wedding planner in Singapore, one thing you can take off your plate is reading through all the paperwork for the vendors. Your wedding planner will do this whilst also staying on top of any fine print, or issues that might arise.

Sometimes, its easy to buy into packages offered by some vendors, which may lack some important items. At I Do by Impressario, we try to play the part of the negotiator on our client’s behalfs so they can focus on themselves and their families for their wedding.

Better Ideas

Many brides spend lots of time thinking about their weddings, scouring Pinterest, magazines, and Instagram for inspiration. Hiring a bespoke wedding planner means having access to lots of original and beautiful ideas that aren't available to the world at large! Tell your wedding planner about your dreams, and they're sure to make it even better than you hoped.

As much as Pinterest has good ideas, we keep our client’s expectations in check and share with them photos of what we have done before. It’s important that we do not overpromise and under deliver. We try to best achieve the look and feel our client wants, with our own tweaks and touch ups, either to amplify their vision or to make it realistically possible.

Insider Knowledge and Advice from the Pros

Wedding planners are professionals that have experience dealing with all the local vendors that will contribute to your big day. This means that they are able to negotiate deals and ask for favors on your behalf. I Do by Impressario is a great source of information and advice on all things wedding, such as when to send out invitations, or what is appropriate to ask your bridesmaids to do.

We have tried and tested vendors we work with constantly. With our list of preferred partners, rest assured the outcome will always be more than satisfactory.

Assistance On Your Big Day

The number one reason to outsource your wedding concept, planning and co-ordination? Hiring a wedding planner in Singapore, such as I Do by Impressario, means we will make sure your day goes according to plan, so you can relax and enjoy yourself. When issues arise, which they're bound to, you can just keep enjoying your big day, knowing your wedding planner has it all in hand.

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