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10 Breakfast Dish Selections Perfect for Morning Business Meetings

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Breakfast is the perfect time to get the energy levels high and the creative juices flowing. Providing breakfast for your staff and employees is a great way to start their day off right.

Here are ten great breakfast foods for your morning business meetings.

Baked Bread

Muffins, toasts, scones, and other baked goods are great for energizing your staff and getting their workday off to a great start. There are a variety of baked goods you can choose from depending on the dietary needs and considerations of your workers. This is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing selections on the list.

Coffee and Tea

On top of giving your employees great food, you should also have some beverages ready and on-hand in the morning. Great morning drinks include coffee and tea because they energise your staff while tasting great. You can also choose decaffeinated options for both of these drinks and others if your employees don’t want to get too energized so early in the morning.

A Variety of Juices

Juices make a fine alternative to tea and coffee because they help perk up your staff without holding too much sugar and caffeine. Juices are great for feeling alert in the morning and offer a fair amount of health to the morning proceedings. There are a variety of flavours to choose from so it’s hard to go wrong with juice.


Always healthy and providing key vitamins and minerals, fruit is a great source of healthy sugars and other dietary needs. Fruit will also have your employees satisfied without leaving them too full or sluggish, letting them take on the day after the initial meeting is over.

Egg Variations

Another great option due to its variations and ways to prepare and consume it, eggs are a staple of breakfast and will leave your employees energized and their minds wired in the best way possible. There’s a multitude of foods you can put in eggs, including making omelettes with healthy veggies like mushrooms and peppers.

Muesli Pots

Yogurt can be added to muesli pots to make for a great and healthy breakfast at the workplace. These bowls can help employees cool off and keep them nice and refreshed during the heat of the day and morning. It’s a great treat with lots of flavors and it helps focus your employees at the start of their day.

Pancakes or Waffles

Both absolute breakfast classics, pancakes, and waffles feel luxurious while being completely affordable and simple to prepare. You can splurge on some butter and syrup to make a delicious and complete breakfast. There are also some jams and jellies you can include to complete the meal.

Dim Sum

If your employees are in the mood for more Asian-inspired food, you should feed them a fresh helping of dim sum. And who in Singapore doesn't love dim sum! Dim sum is a Chinese delicacy that’s enjoyed by many all over the continent. It’s prepared easily and can be shared even easier while staying healthy and safe during the pandemic. It offers a great blend of flavour and nutrition.

Paninis and Burritos

There are tons of sweet options you can provide your workers, but if you want something savoury, paninis and burritos are what you want. Both of these foods come with a variety of toppings, like bacon, eggs, spinach, mushrooms, and peppers. They’re a great choice for any office that wants a more savoury selection for their breakfast time selections.

Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding

Yoghurt is great, but if some of your employees choose something different, chia seed pudding is a perfect alternative. This great pudding is packed with fibre and other nutritious vitamins for a health-conscious office workplace. It’s also loaded with antioxidants, which help to reduce inflammation and balance the gut microbial ecosystem.

Need help organising your next breakfast meeting?

Clearly, a breakfast meeting isn't only about the breakfast. With new safety regulations, there are also other details like registration, seating arrangements, stationery, meeting agendas and more to think about.

Impressario Concepts is here to help you keep track of your event needs while meeting all the safety guidelines and regulations. If you need help, drop us an email today.

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