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Your Checklist When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

If you are currently planning a wedding, you know it can feel like you have a million things to choose from and figure out. But, perhaps most importantly: where will you get married? Here are some steps to take to find out.

Is your desired venue available?

You can't put the cart before the horse and get yourself all excited for a certain venue without first calling to make sure it's available and claiming your spot if it is. If your dream venue isn't available on your wedding date and you can't fathom getting married anywhere else— you may need to think about changing your wedding date. If not, keep searching!

Will the venue fit and accommodate your guest list?

You may be head over heels for your venue. But will it work for your guests? If any of your wedding guests have special needs or need accommodations, can the venue meet those needs? If your guest list is 500 people— does the venue have enough capacity?

Does the venue work with your budget?

Who doesn't want to get married at Sentosa or at the heart of Orchard? However, we all don't have the big budget to throw at the venue alone. So, the next important step is to figure out whether the venue fits within your budget. A pro tip is to try to figure out your per-head budget before you contact venues to avoid the heartbreak of falling in love with a venue you just can't afford.

Are there any catering options?

A venue that provides in-house catering is an extremely convenient option. However, if you are looking for more upscale or diverse food, you may want to make sure that outside catering is allowed.

Is it easy to get to the venue?

Want to do a destination wedding? Your guests won't want to climb mountains (in their dress clothes) just to get to your wedding location. Nor do they want to get lost and end up arriving at the ceremony during your first kiss.

Consider how easy it is to get to your wedding and try to accommodate any hurdles. For example, if your guests will have to park 1/2 mile away, ask the venue if they provide a shuttle service so guests can comfortably get to the ceremony. If your wedding is overseas, is it a good time for people to travel?

Does the venue provide chairs, tables, and cutlery?

You can't assume that your venue price includes absolutely everything you need. Most venues should at least provide tables and chairs, but you must ask, so you don't find yourself sans chairs on your wedding day.

Are there any back-up plans?

This is especially important for outdoor venues. Ask about what their backup plans are in case of inclement weather. It's also especially important to ask about their COVID-19 protocols and refund policies should we go through another wave of COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdowns.

If you need help getting the best venue for your special day, please contact “I Do” by Impressario.

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