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What Should A Bridegroom Know For His Big Wedding Day

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Brides are the ones that most wedding businesses cater to, and bridegrooms can get a bit overlooked in the middle of wedding planning. But it's your wedding too, and here are some things all grooms should take into consideration.

Prepare to Be Blown Away

Seeing your bride walking down towards you at the beginning of the wedding is going to be emotional. Tears are expected but preparing for the emotions of this moment might just help you avoid sobbing uncontrollably.

Know When to Step In

Even if you are not very involved in the planning, check-in weekly to make sure that your partner is holding up alright. Sometimes emotional support and a feeling of being heard makes all the difference for your wife-to-be.

Act Natural for The Camera

Many grooms are uncomfortable in front of a camera. This is fine, but it doesn't make for great wedding pictures. Scheduling a photo shoot sometime before the wedding day can help you act more natural in pictures, and if not, you will have some great photos at least.

Limit Your Guest List

Many grooms want to invite every friend they have made in all the different phases of their lives, but this just can't be done. It makes it much easier for the wedding planner when the groom knows that the guest list must be kept short.

Be Comfortable with Talking About Money

The first step in planning a wedding is talking about money. This can be uncomfortable, but it's important to be on the same page with everyone contributing financially to the wedding.

Know That Your Suit Fits

If you are not sure what the difference is between a suit that fits and one that doesn't, please ask for help. While you are at it, make sure you know how to tie your own tie.

Leave Some Things to The Bride

Grooms are encouraged to be a part of planning the wedding, there's also a time to step back and let the bride do her thing.

Give A Proper Toast

Giving a wedding toast is expected by the groom and preparing what you want to say before the wedding helps keep it short and to the point. Include a shout out to your wedding planner in Singapore, as well as any vendors that helped make your big day perfect.

Surprise Your Bride

Whether it is performing a song, writing a sweet note, or any little surprise she isn't in on, surprising your bride at the wedding can mean a lot to her.

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