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What are the Social Gathering Limits in Singapore for COVID-19’s 3rd Phase?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Singapore has moved to its third phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this third phase, gatherings of up to eight people will be permitted by the government and the third phase began on the 28th of December of 2020. The move is being facilitated by the Ministry of Health, which released a press notification on the 14th of December.

The move is significant, as the last number to be implemented by the government in terms of gathering limit was five. Also, commercial venues such as malls and stores will be allowed to host a standing space of ten square metres per person. The changes were made with substantial due diligence and health officials are fully confident in their expansion of the guidelines.

Other Considerations For Pandemic Events

Larger social gatherings will also be permitted, as long as the number of people in attendance is no larger than two hundred and fifty and people segregate into groups of fifty. The new guidelines will allow for religious gatherings in addition to events such as live concerts and sporting events, along with weddings and other semi-large gatherings.

There are currently pilots being tested which have shown safety and responsibility of those gathering into groups of more than the phase two opening allowed. The key to maintaining safety through the duration of phase three will be the zones of fifty people. Keeping zones instituted within events will allow for a greater number of people without sacrificing safety or reliability, according to many health officials.

Additional Live Events

The same rules, 250 people maximum in zones of up to 50 people each, will also apply to other live events, such as concerts. The government is currently conducting pilots and studies to determine the validity of expanding the numbers to a greater degree, though this is improbable to see fruition before the mass rollout of vaccinations.

One of the most important tasks for those who gather is to eliminate what is referred to as “peripheral crowds.” There’s a substantial push to limit the number of onlookers and informal gatherers for live events, such as weddings and concerts. The same press release stated that continued safety and suppression of the virus could result in the expansion of people allowed to gather in one place at one time.

Trace Together

The government is highly hopeful of the new TraceTogether app, which will be implemented early in the year. Those who wish to obtain a TraceTogether token will have the opportunity to do so before the app goes into effect. Tokens can be acquired at a community club or community centre in their constituency. Until the program and app are implemented and online, however, visitors will still be able to use the app SingPass to ensure their safety. There are also identity cards with barcodes available to those who want them.

Along with the expansion of gatherings, the phase three expansions will include easing restrictions at the border and within the country, about other domestic activities. The government expressed concern that every hard-fought battle waged and won against the virus would be for nothing if restrictions were eased any more than they have been. Health officials are expressing vigilance in the community and country at large so that the past year is not for nothing.

The Future Plan

The COVID-19 vaccine is currently being administrated to the country and health officials anticipate herd immunity within several months. Social distancing and other safety measures will be continued to be observed as the vaccine is administered to the country.

Several health officials across the country are monitoring the progress of the vaccine and the numbers of newly inoculated members of the country, and the government is ready to take action if need be. They stress that a vaccine is not a ticket to freedom to do anything and everything, but simply an additional precautionary measure to take as the country heals from the virus.

Prepare For Safe Events

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