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What Are 5 Questions My Wedding Planner Will Ask Me?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

As you begin to plan for your big day, you will realise that the time and effort it takes to put a wedding together while working your full-time job and running the rest of your life is a lot. Because of this, and because it is such a special day, many couples use wedding planners. Even though it’s an added expense, it can save you time and stress as you move toward your wedding celebration and allow you to enjoy the special steps along the way.

There are, however, five key questions your potential wedding planner should ask you, and you should interview more than one.

What is Your Budget?

That is the first question every wedding planner should ask you. They will also include in this section, either separately or in one sentence what your dream venue is and how many people you are planning to invite.

Sometimes, brides and grooms have realistic plans for their decided upon budget. Some lucky couples have unlimited funds to put into their weddings. However, some engaged people have champagne tastes on a beer budget.

You should interview more than one planner and do some research to make sure your wish list and your budget are realistic. Do not pick a wedding planner who never tells you no or says you can afford everything if you are on a budget. You may find yourself disappointed on your big day.

Do You Have Any Non-Negotiables?

If there are any must-haves, your planner should know. Good wedding planners should be able, for the most part, to work within your budget, to deliver your must-have list, within reason. However, you may have to give up something else to get something you need.

If your must-have list is to have your wedding at a venue on a date that is not available or 500 people in your small backyard, or a destination wedding with a small budget, it may not work out, so try to be flexible if need be.

How Involved Do You Want Your Wedding Planner To Be?

Wedding planners base their costs and schedule their time based on what your needs are. There are wedding planners that will do literally everything when it comes to planning the actual wedding day so all you have to do is show up.

More commonly, couples choose to have the wedding planner help them by collaborating. The planner may do some of the work and coordinate the day of the wedding but may also work as an advisor in other areas the couple feels comfortable working on themselves.

Whatever you choose to base on your budget and your needs.

Do You Have Any Vendors In Mind?

It’s very important to let your wedding planner know if you have any special vendors you want to use. Maybe you know a special bakery or know someone who is a florist. If you don’t, your wedding planner should be able to suggest a few for you to choose from.

If the planner you are interviewing is pushy and wants you to utilise all the vendors, he/she suggests, they may be getting a kickback, and may not be operating in your (or your budget’s) best interests.

What Weddings Have You Been to That You Didn’t Like?

Why is this important? Because this is how stellar wedding planners learn subtle things about their clients. If they say they hated the flowers or the music or the venue, the planner then knows which of these things is most important to the client and help them plan accordingly.

Is it your time to tie the knot? You’ve come to the right place. Our team at “I Do” by Impressario, will guide you through your preparations so your guests and bridal party have a great time. As your Wedding & Reception Planner based in Singapore, we handpick all the special services and products for your consideration. We want you to enjoy this once in a lifetime event and leave everything else to us.

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