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Ultimate Guide To Plan The Perfect Wedding

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Planning for your wedding day can be an exciting, if not daunting task. There is a lot that goes into planning this special day and ensuring it goes off without a hitch. This guide will help you to make sure you stay on track and help you keep the bigger tasks in front of you.

The Checklist

The first thing you may want to do is get a wedding planner to keep a list of what you need. There are many different ways you can do this. Use one that works for you. Options include online lists/calendars that you can use on the go, a simple notebook, a fancy wedding planner that is sectioned out to all the tasks you need and has areas for you to keep your receipts and inspirational ideas or even a scrapbook method that you can use as a keepsake. The most important thing is to pick a method you will use and feel comfortable with.

Knowing The Wedding Party

You need to decide how many bridesmaids and how many groomsmen you want in attendance. Who will be the maid of honour and best man? How will you ask them?

This is also a good time to start thinking about how you want the ceremony and wedding day to flow. If you start to write these items down at the beginning, it will help you later with vendors and timing.

Adjusting & Finalising The Guest List

It is good to start with two sections for your guest list: A must-invite section and a would love to have at the wedding section. When making the lists be sure to check with your parents to see if there is anyone, they want to add to your must invite list. It is their big day too.

This helps with budgeting, the size of the venue you will need, how much food to plan for, etc. It will help narrow down how many people on the second side of your list you are able to invite.

Choosing a Time, Theme and Location

On average, couples take about a year to plan a wedding. Some take much longer, and some couples plan weddings in a matter of weeks. Whatever your time schedule is, it may determine some of the decisions you make.

If you want to get married right away, that may affect what venue you may choose. Similarly, if you have a special date in mind, which is a busy time of year, you may also find you have trouble finding your dream location, or that the prices are very expensive because of the season.

You must also choose a theme for your wedding. Find something that inspires you. Maybe it is the outdoors or flowers. Perhaps you love pink or have always dreamed of a sunset wedding on the beach. Whatever it may be, all of your choices should revolve around your wedding theme.

Needs and Wants

You should list out everything you need down to the smallest detail, so you don’t forget anything. As with the guest list, you will need to separate it into two sections, or, if you are writing things down as you go, star the needs. That way, if you must cut something out due to budget restraints, you can make sure it’s not something that is really important to you.

If you or the people in your bridal party are at all crafty, you can save money by doing some things DIY, which can save you money. However, they can be time-consuming. So, if you are not good at DIY or have a short timeline, you may find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed.

Vendors, Vendors and More Vendors

You will need a separate area for vendors. Make sure you create a list of questions to ask each one and write down the answers and costs. If one vendor asks a question you hadn’t thought of, ring back the other vendors you already talked to and ask them the question, too. That way, you will understand what you are getting for your money and can decide what is most important for you.

Organise Your Wedding Planner into Pre, During and Post Wedding Sections

This will really help you when you are working with vendors and guests. You’ll be able to find their area and what their time and responsibilities will be much more quickly and efficiently.

Set Your Wedding Budgets

At this point, you know what you want, what you must have and basically what it will cost. At this point, you can decide what you thought your budget will be, how you will pay for the wedding and who the responsible parties will be.

If you have found that your budget exceeds your needs, you can always look at different times of year that may be less expensive to book venues and vendors. You can also do a lot of things DIY these days. Be resourceful and do some research on the internet to see if there are other ways you can cut costs. Ask friends if they have any advice or know of anyone who can help you cut costs.

However big or small, your wedding celebration is sure to be a special, memorable day!

Meet with Your Vendors/Choose Your Favourites/Make the Bookings

This is the time to start meeting with the vendors that are on your shortlist. These are the ones that meet your must-haves and budget needs. Remember, you can still negotiate prices. This is best-done face to face.

Once you have met with all your vendor finalists, it is time to make decisions. Once you feel like you have chosen the vendors you want at a price you feel comfortable with, it’s time to book the date and sign on the bottom line.

For choosing “I Do” by Impressario team as the host of your celebration, you want to ensure everything goes smoothly. We will guide you through your preparations so your guests and bridal party have a great time. Count on us to go the extra mile and do most of the behind-the-scenes work, while you and your loved ones have a blast on the best day of your life!

We’d love to talk about your plans for your upcoming wedding. Shoot us an email now at: info@impressarioinc.com.

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