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Plan Your Event in Singapore – Safe Management Measures in Singapore

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

COVID-19 vaccinations are finally underway in Singapore, after nearly a full year of research and development. These vaccines are slowly making their way through the population, but until full herd immunity is reached, businesses must still be careful about how and when they conduct meetings and other events which require a gathering of people.

Thankfully, Singapore has also recently announced its Phase 3 plan for reopening and making sure business is conducted safely and responsibly. Phase 3 guidelines have been made to ensure the safety of all parties and involved and prevent the virus from spreading while vaccinations are rolled out and given to the general population.

The Guidelines

Since the first of October of 2020, STB has accepted applications from event organisers and event venues from around the country.

Impressario Inc. Pte. Ltd. and other organisers have been attempting to create safe and clean spaces to host business meetings and other ventures amid the pandemic. The guidelines state, to begin with, that any significantly social event, such as a company retreat or informal gathering, is not permitted and that organisers who plan to host these types of events need not apply.

Besides, the operation of these events is limited, as there must be eight square metres of space per attendee, and the total space available for the event must exceed nine hundred and thirty square metres. Following these conditions, groups are to be made and no more than eight attendees are allowed per group. Groups must stay consolidated and cannot mingle with another group, and attendees must maintain a distance of at least one metre of distance between themselves and the staff at all times.

Roadmaps and Enforcement

These guidelines may seem strict, but the STB has the safety of attendees and prevention of the spread of the virus at the foremost of its motivation. There is reason to believe these guidelines are needed and will work to keep Singapore a safe and uncontaminated country.

The Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers has also provided a “roadmap” for those who wish to gather in large crowds. A roadmap is a tool and resource which gives general and specific safety information and management skills to those who wish to read it. There are many best practices found within the roadmap and the hope is that many will use it to continue to stay safe and sensible during the final months of the pandemic.

In terms of enforcement, the STB will be conducting checks to ensure compliance and safety at each point in the process. Action will be taken swiftly against those who do not comply with the guidelines or event managers who hold events without permission. Fines can be issued of up to $10,000 and event organisers can also face imprisonment of up to six months if they fail to comply with guidelines or are caught hosting an event without proper documentation and due diligence. Businesses that don’t comply will also potentially lose out on future government grants, loans, tax rebates, and assistance in other areas. The STB is dedicated to slowing and stopping the spread of the virus and is doing everything in its power to keep Singapore safe and healthy.

Prepare For Safe Events

Impressario Concepts is here to help you keep track of your event needs while meeting all the safety guidelines and regulations. If you need help, drop us an email today.

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