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Five Reasons to Hire an Event Planner

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Events are fun to be a part of and attend, but things can get complicated rather quickly when you try to plan an event. If you’re planning to throw a party or host another type of event, it’s always a smart idea to hire an event planner.

Our talented team at Impressario Concepts will save you a substantial amount of time and money, in addition to providing you satisfying peace of mind while the event is underway. There are other reasons to hire an event planner too.

Event Planners Help You Realise Your Budget

Many people balk at the idea of hiring event planners because they think their wallets can’t handle the stress of a professional planner. Not only is this usually not the case, but oftentimes event planners will also help you save money in the long run.

Planners are great at sticking to budgets and knowing exactly how much leeway they have to make plans and execute them within a given budget. Also, planners help you cut unneeded fluff and bring together elements to make the largest impact possible with the most minimal impact to your wallet and our team can surprise you with their talents.

Planners are Expert Negotiators

Budgetary constraints and how to navigate them are not the only components of throwing a great party or the only areas a planner will help you with. Party planners have been around the block a few times and know what everything should cost and how to deal with many of the services you’ll need for your event.

They have an inherent sense when people are trying to rip them off and can help you spot these types of services from a mile away. They’ll also help you negotiate with up-and-up services, to get a great price for your party depending on the number of guests and what type of services you’re requesting. Let event planners negotiate on your behalf to save you some money.

Details are Well Covered with a Planner

You want to host the best possible iteration of the event you’re throwing, which is natural. But to maximise the fun everyone will be having at your event, there are a plethora of details you’ll have to consider, details that can complicate matters and keep you on the edge of your toes all night long.

Trust Impressario Concepts with the bulk of these details will both help the event run smoothly and save you time and energy you can use to enjoy the event for yourself. Throwing a great event takes a fair amount of skills, careful planning, and plenty of practice, characteristics every seasoned event planner will have in spades.

Event Planners Help You Destress

Many people underestimate the knowledge and know-how it takes to throw a great party, but quickly learn about the stresses and anxiety which come with the territory once they get started. You’ll have a plethora of daily responsibilities and will always need to be on your toes during the event itself if you go in alone.

However, event planners will take a large number of tasks off your plate and let you breathe while planning the event. We at Impressario Concepts are highly organised and will see details through to the end to make sure everything runs smoothly; there’s no reason to worry with an event planner around.

Event Planners Know How to Focus on a Theme

Most party details revolve around execution and saving stressful situations, but there’s an often overlooked consideration of most great parties. Party themes should be holistic and speak to the atmosphere and mood you’re trying to set.

Attaining a proper theme and atmosphere is extremely difficult, as it can feel incredibly abstract and difficult to pin down, but event planners have an incredible and extremely helpful amount of experience with planning a party around a theme. They know which themes work and which colours to choose to match exactly what you’re trying to do and how to do it. In short, you can leave the stylistic concerns to a planner and have confidence they’ll be executed to perfection.

Want your event to go smoothly?

To make sure your event runs smoothly and everything is taken care of, contact Impressario Concepts today and be impressed.

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